Swiss Watch Comparison: Longines and Omega

Longines Versus Omega

If you are looking for one of the best Swiss luxury watches that you can get your hands on, it’s important to consider the difference between two the most popular on the market right now. Longines and Omega are arguably two of the most coveted brands of watches available for collectors. Here are some of the main differences between these two brands and what might make either one a quality choice for your needs:

For attention:

The Omega watch brand is one that often commands more respect. It is a brand that simply more recognized worldwide and the number of celebrity endorsements and advertising campaigns for Omega will continue to outweigh the support delivered with Longines watches.

For Affordability:

A Longines watch does outweigh Omega here with some of their high quality luxury watches remaining available for under $800. Most of the entry-level Omega’s usually cost just under $3000.

For a mechanical watch:

Omega has a long-standing title for their accuracy and the Omega COSC Chronometer actually has one of the best accuracy out of any mechanical watch on the market.

Best resale value:

If you are a luxury watch collector there’s always a chance that you may want to trade your watch or even resell it. Likely because of its recognized nature, the Omega is often the more favored by collectors for its resale value. As long as you keep the original documentation and warranty of either model though, you should be able to resell it.

Which is the best watch to buy?

When you are interested in investing in a brand-new Swiss watch it’s usually always best to wait and save for it Omega. The components are simply a lot better quality, they offer a better resale value and they are a much more recognizable brand. A Longines can allow you to get a Swiss quality luxury watch for less, but if you are a serious collector it’s always best to get the Omega watch.


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