TAG Heuer Hublot and Zenith to Skip Baselworld

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TAG Heuer, Bulgari, Zenith and Hublot are all going to be boycotting Baselworld as a result of Chanel, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Chopard all finding their way out of the show. This is considered to be an unsuitable event to meet with the public. Even though it is a 100 year event, it is important to make other arrangements for meeting with the public and displaying the future of Swiss watchmaking.

The goal will be to reschedule the event to Geneva in April of 2021. Bulgari was one of the first to suggest dropping out and that it would be taking place in a Geneva show. Leaving the door open for TAG, Hublot and Zenith to join into this show as well. With similar events planned in Dubai in January, it is estimated that many of the releases that would have taken place at Baselworld are likely to now take place at these shows.

The initiatives of 2020, have forced a number of manufacturers to take new initiatives on regarding solutions for changes in participation, this will mean that the majority of exhibitioners at Baselworld have now dropped out. Hublot, Zenith and Tag Heuer were some of the only manufacturers remaining and they suggested that there would be no intention of leaving as they were brands that had been staples of the conference.

With only a few exhibitors remaining, we may be looking at some online releases for this year or a massive ramp up for the January Dubai show. Baselworld has not yet cancelled the event even though a number of premiere worldwide events such as CES have been postponed for the year. With more news to follow, we will be following the Baselworld accounts and webpage to ensure that the company can release a statement regarding the future of this event.

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