The Shawn Carter Hublot Watch

Shawn Carter Hublot Watch

Jay Z (Shawn Carter) is a true fashion mogul and it is no wonder that he has finally collaborated with a major watch brand to create his own unique design. The Shawn Carter By Hublot is a classic fusion of their design with a series of luxury finishings hand selected by Jay Z himself.

This limited edition watch was designed in partnership with Shawn Carter and Hublot. Classically Jay Z has long been a fan of Rolexes. Throughout his career he also has been seen wearing Audemars Piguet timepieces, but this all changed in 2011 with the release of Otis where he shared his love of Hublot.

No other word on a partnership between Jay Z and Hublot was drawn up until 2 years ago. Jay Z was seen wearing a Richard Mille to the US open, a Rolex at Carnegie hall and then a completely new watch from Hublot in the Picasso Music video.

Shawn Carter and Hublot had designed that watch especially for the video and then created a second watch for an official release. The two new watches include the original video design and a second yellow gold faced version of the watch.

Both are modelled from the classic fusion Hublot and feature a Shawn Carter logo cut into the dial. The movement is also slightly revealed in a tribute to the craftsmanship while still branding the timepiece.

The 2.90mm thick movement is hand wound and it is a truly impressive timepiece. The black ceramic model of the watch is limited to 250 pieces at a $17,900 price tag. The yellow gold version will be made just 100 times and command a price point of $33,900.

Both of the watches are going to be available in Jay Z’s collaboration with Barneys this holiday season. The project is entitled “A New York Holiday”.

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