Tissot PRS 516 Triple Seconds Second Review

Tissot PRS 516 Triple Seconds

A watch can be renowned not for what it has, but what it does not have. The absence of features can certainly be part of a watch’s presentation. The Tissot PRS 516 Triple Seconds is a prime timepiece that fits this description. The PRS 516 Triple Seconds carries all the features of an automatic sport watch, including ceramic bezel, but does not have the chronograph look that one may imagine being associated with a watch of its stature and history. The Triple Seconds provides a fun experience with unique, interactive features for $1,050. Here is a more in-depth look at this timepiece from Tissot.

The Case

The Tissot PRS 516 Triple Seconds has a case that identifies itself as a modern sports watch, carrying case sides and lugs with sharp cut lines. The watch case comes in at a 50.8mm length, which provides a smaller fit than what the diameters may imply. The undercut of the lugs also adds more of an impression to the side profile of the watch.

The case is compounded by a black ceramic bezel, which is a signature hallmark of a $1000 watch, but Tissot added more personality with engraved numerals and a red under layer that is highlighted from certain angles. The Triple Seconds has a lot of racing inspiration, but it also has a patterned brushing on the front surface of the bezel. It is a naturally integrated addition to a watch that is already considered attractive.


The case of the Triple Seconds carries a lot of admirers, but the dial also helps the watch showcase its value. The dials make themselves known by their distinct 20-second sweep, with red seconds hand that appears from one cutout to the next. While not a feature that is perfect for practicality, it adds a lot of personality and reinforces the watch’s automotive influence. The dial cutouts come into three spokes, with a strong finish that delivers a resounding impression for both the wearer and viewers alike.


The PRS 516 Triple Seconds continues to surprise many with its dials and case, but the movement has a combination of familiarity and risk-taking design. The movement is powered by a modified ETA 2825-2, which is a small-seconds touch on the 2824. As part of the goal to create a triple seconds complication, Tissot substituted the small seconds module of the 2825 with the custom unit found on this watch. The resulting effect is a nice movement that offers extra value compared to watches known to forgo the finer details.

With a history that spans on automotive inspiration, the Tissot PRS 516 Tripel Seconds is certainly a watch that fills the auto role in the collector’s watch chest. In addition, the effort invested into the fine details makes it a high-value purchase at its price point.

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