Are Luxury Watches Sustainable?

Are Luxury Watches Sustainable?

You may be asking yourself as you are collecting whether or not the average luck through watch is sustainable to produce and building a sustainable industry. Eco-conscious luxury watches are not always a possibility especially with the large number of precious metals that can be found inside the construction of these watches. Watchmaking is under scrutiny like any other industry and making sure that manufacturers are able to adhere to the latest and environmental standards is important. A luxury watch does not have to impact the environment and a number of watch manufacturers today are introducing watches which can be extremely sustainable.

Chopard is a brand that values luxury and sustainability. They were one of the first brands to commit to an ethical luxury watch. Since the year 2013 they’ve implemented new strategies to improve sustainability throughout the core of their construction. 100% of the refined gold that they use from their manufacturers is sourced from best practices and from traceable and sustainable sources. The company also recycles more than 70% of the gold wasted its own foundry to make sure that every element that goes into the watch manufacturing remains a sustainable process.

Based off of new surveys and sustainability throughout this industry it’s estimated that only 50% of watch brands throughout Switzerland effectively communicate their environmental initiatives.

Sustainability can have a series of brand repercussions. In the same survey that also discussed how much executives valued sustainability, it came up with a sustainability record of a luxury watch that comes from sustainable sources being in the mindset of many people when they are looking for a new timepiece.

Even though there are some manufacturers that are beginning to focus in on their sustainability efforts, there are only a few that have been considered as some of the top brands in the industry for their sustainable processes.

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