Casio G Shock DW9052-1V Review

G Shock DW9052-IV

Casio G-Shock DW9052-IV is a preferred timepiece among many watch enthusiasts, as it has durable features that make it suitable for an activity-filled life. The shock-resistant watch comes with a light design that makes it perfect for soldiers, field managers, fire fighter, doctors or just very busy people. Find out more.

Features of Casio G-Shock DW9052-IV


Released in 2011, Casio G-Shock DW 9052-IV has an amazing yet simple design. The basic design of this popular digital dial watch provides many time functions and operates on a quartz movement. Casio G-Shock DW 9052-IV comprises a regular resin strap which fits into place with a single pin and a variety of tightening levels.

The watch case comes with a stainless steel back which is held by four tiny screws. It also has four buttons on the watch sides. These buttons perform different functions which provide users of the watch with ease. The button on the down left is used to navigate the configuration modes needed for the stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm, and you start/stop them with the button on the down right.

With the upper right button, take the display values back to default, and get them to function with the upper left button. On the watch surface, you’ll see “Adjust,” “Mode,” “Start-Stop,” and “Split-Reset.” All these make it easy for users to operate the watch.
What stands out especially is the display that has two parts – top and bottom. The top displays date and weekday while the bottom displays seconds, minutes, and hours in digits. In between is an indicator which gives the watch its rugged masculine look and has the long bar which fills up until a second is complete. The downside with the display, however, is the tiny details on the display which may be difficult to read by people who haven’t got great eyesight.

Right under that, you have the green illumination on the bottom of the watch which allows you to use the watch in the dark. If you’re a fighter, cop or fireman who operates at night or in dark places, you need this watch and would find this illumination necessary. It’s high time you got a watch that boosted your confidence in yourself and people’s confidence in you.

Water Resistance

Casio G-Shock DW 9052-IV has a water resistance function that doubles that of some other watches, Timex, for example. At 200 m and 660 ft., you can go scuba diving without the fear that you’ll return with a bad watch. So, whether you’re a professional or novice diver, this is one watch that has earned your trust. Think rugged! However, don’t expect the display to provide time when you’re underwater.

Alarm Function

Men who lead busy lives need timepieces that double as their prompter, else they may forget to take a break or even get started when they should. The alarm on Casio G-Shock DW 9052-IV has an impressive volume which wakes you up or prompts you when it’s time for your next activity. However, it’s best preferred in an environment that’s somewhat quiet.

It also provides a countdown timer function that runs from a second to 24 hours and second stopwatch. There’s also an auto calendar to plan your events and daily activities. The EL backlight (plus afterglow) is slightly remarkable since it works only in the dark. It also doesn’t come with an auto illumination function that is necessary in extremely dark areas.

In all, Casio G-Shock DW 9052-IV offers the simplicity men often desire; nonetheless, it serves the basic purpose of time-keeping and defining style. At $69.95, it provides all the time functions you may ever need. Visit Buy My Watch LA to get yours now!

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