Choosing Your First Watches for a Collection

Choosing the First Watches for a Collection

For many beginning watch collectors, selecting the first watches can create a lot of questions and hesitation. After all, the first watches in the collection usually set the tone for how it grows in the long term. Since you want to have a collection that you can enjoy and value, then there are several concepts and principles you can follow. These is no universal watch collecting playbook to follow, but these guidelines are based off personal experiences as a watch collector.

Do Not Rush It

Each piece you add to your collection should be enjoyed and highly valued, otherwise, why else would you buy it? Do some extensive research on each watch in your candidates list and invest some good thinking into which one you would really enjoy seeing on your wrist or display case.

Consider Watch Values

Watch values can decrease as soon as they become purchased. Some rare exceptions include the Patek and specific Rolex brands. Sure, there may be watches currently present that may increase in value over the next 20 years. You may never know for sure which of the current watches on the market will have an auction status in 20 years, so buy one that you can enjoy regardless of how much value it will have decades from now.

Considering the value of watches and the prestige of brands, you will truly enjoy your collection if you simply buy the timepieces you love. These can be watches you have been eyeing for years due to their style, design, material, color, framework, technology, or history of the brand.

You can also start a watch collection based off specific styles. If you are starting a series based on marine or dive watches, you can include the Rolex Submariner, the Breitling Navitimer B01, or Breitling Superocean Heritage II.

The same principle applies to those starting a dress watch collection. You can flesh out your dress watch series with the NOMOS Tangente or Tangomat Datium, Rolex Date steel, Cartier Tank steel, JLC Reverso, or rose gold JLC Master ultra thin. You can mature your collection even more with a Patek Calatrava gold or Vacheron Patrimony gold.

Part of your watch collection building experience is shopping around for the best prices and deals too. Do not be afraid to negotiate or reach out to sellers to get price for yourself.


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