Casio is about to launch the Slimmest G-Steel Ever Made

June 25, 2021 at 10:09 pm

Casio and the G-Steel line have been a popular choice for many in the collectors market. Gshock as a digital watch has always made waves but the G-Steel line is perfect for people that want a reasonably priced and beautiful Casio with a quality movement. The new models launching this year are 4 varieties of the GST B400 watch and they are showcasing the slimmest profiles of any watch produced in the luxury G-Steel series previously.

G steel is appealing because they are using quality construction items and Casio also produces a very fashion forward design with plenty of features in these products. Casio was able to minimize the width of their materials by scaling down the size of the components in the watch construction.

With a high density mount and a better optimization in the layout, the hands run seamlessly even though the watch is very thin. The model also consumes 55% less power than other G-Steel watches created before. This makes the illumination in the watch far brighter and it also ensures that the watch can run much longer with battery replacement.

The style of the watch includes a vapor deposition treated dial and with multi layer coatings. The stainless steel is done in a darker tint with the inside face registering in blue or red. The newest timekeeping features include an automatic time adjustment. The watch can be paired with a smartphone over Bluetooth through an app and the reminder settings can be synced through the app to work just like any other smartwatch. The LED light makes it easy to read in the dark and the resin or stainless finish give plenty of options for matching your style.

If you are interested in ordering the Casio G-Steel in the newest design, you have got to head to the Casio website to get it at launch today.

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