The Omega Watch and its Significance in WWII

June 10, 2021 at 11:20 pm

Military watches are famous for a wide range of reasons. They are often chosen as collectors pieces, they are made in a limited production and they are considered to be historically significant antiques. There are many collectors that have built historical collections on watches from war times and in military watches for sale. Omega is a company with a distinct history of military watches. Their history and their close proximity to the war includes a special relationship with WWII.

The Omega Suveran or Sovereign in Swedish is a watch that is heavily collected and a model that was produced for sale by the Swedish government to stimulate the economy throughout the war. While many other countries were selling war bonds, Sweden was producing this watch as a means to support the country.

The original Suveran was a beautiful piece of engineering. It was a manually wound timepiece that was anti-magnetic, waterproof and built with a strong shock protection. The dial designs included a black, military style face, blocky numerals for easy viewing and a black and white tuxedo style dial.

The straps on these models was often thin and designed in plain leather. It offered a contrast from the look of the simple face and made for a timepiece that went well with an officers uniform or a plainclothes look.

Most of the reference numbers on these omegas are 2400-x style serial numbers this puts the production date between 1943-1945. The total production run on these watches is unknown but they remain watches that are coveted by collectors.

What is most fascinating about this historical Omega watch is that you can own it for a steal. If you are interested in getting your hands on an authentic piece of WWII history and a stunning collectors timepiece, you can have this watch for just $1500-3000 USD.

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