ERA Prometheus Watches, the Watches of Vince Carter, Tony Hawk, and Tommy Chong

January 18, 2020 at 10:34 pm

ERA has recently developed and presented several new watch products. These are part of a popular line of watches that have adorned the collections of media figures such as Vince Carter, Tony Hawk, and Tommy Chang. One of the watches to look at is the ERA Prometheus, which raised over $1.5 million to over thousands of customers worldwide. The watch is a certified Tourbillon timepiece that performs consistently with the high standards expected of entry-level Tourbillon watches. While its class and design is consistent with many luxury watches for collectors, the watch is relatively attainable to collectors and not just limited to the super class.

The ERA Prometheus Automatic edition is an improvement to the legendary timepiece design. Built form scratch, the movement was remade into the ERA-004 Calibre movement that is centered by Platinum-plate on the inside, and a ERA Tourbillon cage. The watch radiates with a monochromatic color scheme that shines on wrists. An engraved rotor was added on the back to give the timepiece an automatic signature. It can charge itself utilizing kinetic energy from the wrist. Premium options are available for customers with a brand new brushed bezel using the highest tier of Physical Vapor Desposition: Diamond-Like Carbon layering, or DLC.

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