Montblanc UltraBlack Collection Makes its Debut

October 12, 2021 at 11:15 pm

Montblanc has released an astounding new design called the UltraBlack range and it is making the rounds in luxury fashion. The unique part about this design is that it coupled with a series of handbags and in a completely unique and sleek altar of black color format.

Everything including the band and watch face are black as is all of the features of the handbag line. Montblanc is offering an astounding value for collectors in the form of the leather goods and accessories. The Montblanc UltraBlack line include the many clutch and folio, backpack and the 1858 geosphere watch. The line will also include the summit light smart watch and the and the 01 UltraBlack over ear headphones. Montblanc rounds out there offering with the star Walker UltraBlack writing instrument.

Collecting all of these pieces could be quite an expensive endeavor but if you are a fan of darker fashions and you want a true mono black look, Montblanc has made the process easy with these beautiful designs. The full collection is now available for purchase on the Montblanc website and you can purchase all of the accessories including the writing instrument from the main page as well.

The Geosphere watch is definitely worth a highlight with Cillian Murphy signing on as the main brand ambassador for the monochrome limited-edition. Complete with a distressed steel case and a powerful black, white and metal feature on the face, this is a style that looks like a contemporary world travelers watch. It’s a distinctive look and it’s limited to just 858 pieces in this limited-edition.

No matter which excess review decide on from this collection, it’s likely that with such a limited release this is going to be a hot collectors item in the future and a big hit amongst minimalist collectors.

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