Hands on with the Southpaw Rolex

April 7, 2022 at 10:26 pm

If you are seeking a quality timepiece for this year it is hard to beat the new Air King model Rolex. This new Rolex features similar bezel patterns to the original Submariner with a black bezel and colors available in Green, Black and Blue. The progression of this model has come a long way and the look of the watch has changed considerably in its color pattern even since the 2013 model.

The southpaw design is one of the best in the world. These left handed Rolex designs are revolutionary without crown guards and with a configuration that is made for easy writing and comfort for left hand wearers. There has never been a Rolex without the crown protector or a modified crown for left hand wearers and this is a design that will make it easier to complete your look even without having to wear your watch on the right hand as a lefty.

Cycling through timezones and customizing features on the watch is also easy. This GMT master 2 introduces a flipped configuration making it simpler to fine tune the watch and features like setting timezones or setting the current time if you have to spring ahead. The watch maker plans on creating more of this line and also ensuring that they can create a wearable face for more left handed users.

This is the type of watch that is introducing a new line for the collectables market too. The southpaw configuration is more rare than the average Rolex and the newest GMT master 2 in this configuration is fetching prices of roughly $40,000.

Watch out for this design if you are a left handed person or if you are interested in capturing a piece of Rolex history for your watch collection!

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