The Casio G-Shock GA2200 is Set for Release

August 13, 2021 at 10:14 pm

The G-Shock line has been known to collectors about its functionality and durability. The series is known as something for every budget and taste and perhaps one of the greatest selling factors is the idea that the watch is offered for under $100. Some of the most collectable forms of the G-shock line are now capable of fetching up to $8000 or more. The diversity of the Casio G-shock is a technical marvel and the slim profile makes it charismatic and futuristic. Vibrant colorways and the cases with the visual touch stones at the 2,4,8 and 10 kurled tops offer an aesthetic that is of quality in many lighting conditions.

The newest profile for the GA2200 is a three-part sandwich style watch design. The pusher and bezel surrounding the top layer introduces the perfect top case for the stainless-steel watch. The multi-layer style offers the look in a two-tone gray, black as well as in a vibrant color. The watch is dive ready for up to 2000 meters and the electric accents on the watch face make it lively and futuristic.

The series has been designed in a chunkier format and with a simplicity in the elements that make it a hallmark to the G-Shock line. A 9 o clock sundial is made with a PVD outer ring and flanking along the disk hand. The raised details along the heavily grained surface make this a watch that is balanced and moderate and the blend between the sundials offer an aggressive and stealth style look that aids in the quality of the design.

Functions on board the watch include a 24-hour countdown function, daily alarms, world timey and an hourly radio controlled time feature. Straps are built in black as well as in a loud orange resin for a greater impact.

Find the G-shock at retailers starting on August 2021 The latest G-Shock line is going to start at just $120.

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