The Cartier Watch Favored by Princess Diana is Returning with a Brand New Look

August 19, 2021 at 11:45 pm

The 1970’s were not a time that had many highlights for the Swiss watchmaking industry. Quartz watches would change the nature of collectable watches worldwide and the cheap, accurate and battery powered watches made it easy for anyone to access a great quality watch. Many global luxury brands would suffer during this time but a few were placed in the spotlight due to their celebrity use.

Cartier was one of the watch brands that rose to prominence during this time. The Must De Cartier was a quartz powered watch that started in 1977 and became a favorite of Princess Diana. It was modelled from the Tank watch which was a favorite style for Jackie Kennedy and Muhammad Ali.

Cartier Tank style watches were big in the art and fashion world too. Andy Warhol was known to wear one of these watches and sing their praises as well. The Parisian style tank watch became quite popular as well with Cartier continuing to model the success of the Must Du Cartier up until the early 2000s.

With many of the early 2000’s fashions returning, Cartier has chosen to re-release this iconic watch style. The latest version of their tank watch will be presented with lacquered dials, matching straps in vibrant colors as well as details of the Cartier logo presented in gold. Sapphire beads and cabochron crowns showcase a beautiful look on these devices and something that favors elegance as well as practicality.

This watch throughout the late 70’s and early 80s would become a truly iconic design. It was a watch that was embraced by the young and creative and it is wonderful to see it back and recreated with a new look. Look for the watch in the year 2021 as it returns to the Cartier store.

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