Casio Watch from the Movie Alien Set to Make a Return

August 27, 2021 at 7:19 pm

Digital style watches from the 1980s have made a recent return to style. These watches can be purchased quite inexpensively and they have a beautiful style that complements many of today’s fashions. A number of watch manufacturers are noticing this design trend and getting on board with rereleases of some of their earlier models of watches. Casio is an example of a watch company that has not stopped producing inexpensive and high-quality digital watches. The complement the latest fashions they’ve launched a line of vintage reissues including the vintage A100 which was a watch style featured in the Alien movie franchise.

It is not a collaboration between the studio but rather a collaboration between Seiko and Giugiaro originally launched the Seiko Ripley style watch. The watch was first worn by Sigourney Weaver in the year 1986 and she continued to wear a few different watches throughout the franchise. In 1979 movie alien, the futuristic looking watch with a retro nostalgia made its debut and many people were picking them up shortly after that.

The remake is produced with the materials that are slightly different than the original including a resin encased watch and a much stronger exterior taken from the G shock line of watches. It’s going to come with an LCD display with four distinct function buttons all labeled by their own color. The look of this watch is very similar to the original Casio calculator style watch but it comes with a much more colourful look to it.

Most of the early editions will resemble what was found in the film including a gunmetal finish, silver finish and a gold toned version. There’s also going to be a special edition Pac-Man version released for $99. You can pre-order the watch now with prices ranging and $55 up to the $99 Pac-Man edition. You can expect a release of these watches by early September.

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