The Best Upcoming Releases for Watch and Wonders 2022

Upcoming Releases from Watch and Wonders 2022

Watch and Wonders 2022 launched in March and this was the first live show since Marchof 2020. With most watch makers over the last 2 years doing private releases in response to the global Pandemic, we were able to see a flurry of activity in the collectors market. These include the latest in upcoming releases from the event. Here are some of the top watches from manufacturers like Rolex, Panerai, and Tudor

Panerai Quaranta Quattro

This Panerai submersible watch is modelled from the diving watches given to the Italian Navy Frogmen in the 1930s. The design is fully updated with an E-steel made of completely recyclable materials. The brand also offers a carbo tech material to compliment the look of the brushed steel exterior. The dials are completed in a brushed steel and the blue note finishing keeps this an astounding and iconic watch for wear at all times of the year. This watch will be available starting at $18,200.

Tudor Black Bay Pro

Tudor has produced the Black Bay pro which is an outstanding luxury watch. The Black Bay Pro GM has some quintessential touches and it is made with a fixed bezel featuring 24-hour markings. The explorer element and the snowflake style GMT hand is unmistakably a Tudor staple. Made with a woven NATO strap and with rubber or stitched assets, this is a watch that is bound to be a hit amongst collectors. At just $4, 000 it is a relatively affordable pick-up too.

Rolex GMT Master II

The GMT Master II is built of oystersteel with a green and black cerachrom bezel. The design is a classic with stars such as actor Charlie Chaplin enjoying the same style of watch. The colors are designed like something out of the movie, the Green Lantern, and it is one of the first premiere pieces from Rolex to come with a left-hand design. The rarity of this time piece is amazing and it is an excellent collectors piece at $11,050.

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