Top 5 Space-Themed Watches to Look Out For

January 3, 2022 at 6:48 am

It seems like more and more people are able to go to space these days with the help of space tourism from companies like Virgin and Amazon. Some of the most famous watches from the space race were celebrated and gifted to astronauts as a means to stand up to the extreme temperatures and g forces in space. With a new age of consumer space race coming into play, it is no wonder that we are now seeing a whole new line of space themed watches releasing for this year. Here are some of the top space themed watches you need to watch out for as a collector:

Speedmaster Moonwatch from Omega

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch professional is a watch made famous by every one of the Apollo astronauts. Armstrong, Aldrin and more wore one of these and Jeff Bezos wore an updated version of this watch from Omega for his first trip up into space.

The Bulova Lunar Pilot 50th Anniversary Edition

This limited addition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 15 launch and with an amazing quartz movement. With a titanium and gold accent finish, this is a unique timepiece that is affordable at under £1000.

Seiko 2021 5 Sports Custom Beatmaker

The Seiko’s 5 sports custom watch in the limited edition 2021 version has a 41 hour power reserve in its mechanical self ewinding nature. It has been to space in the past with the skylab 4 mission and the models from the original line have sold out quickly for collectors. This rerelease is limited to 2,021 models and will be a hit amongst space watch collectors.

Uwerk UR 100V P.02

This Swiss watch is from an indie watch designer and took inspiration from the enterprise space shuttle. There are just 20 pieces of this watch in the world and it comes in at an astounding $62,500. These are exclusive but one of the coolest space watches around.

Fortis Amadee-20

The Fortis Amadee-20 is a watch designed by a historic Swiss brand. Fortis has been working with the Russian space program since Mir and the latest watch marks a collaboration for a simulation of the mars mission in the Negev desert throughout this past October. Finished in a sandblasted titanium, the style here resembles a classy mission control timer and it is a great tribute to the Russian space program. At just under £4000 it is a great price for collectors.

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