Yu-Gi-Oh Edition Seiko Watch Release

November 15, 2021 at 11:56 pm

Yu-Gi-Oh is going to be partnering with Seiko for a new collaboration based on the Seto Kaiba/ Kaiba Corp and Yami Yugi. The new Seiko release is a 40mm watch powered by quartz movement and joined with a quality calfskin strap.

The color scheme of each watch matches the Yami Yugi character model colors including an edition for the mellenial puzzle print featuring a black dial and Yu-Gi-Oh case back engraving. There are editions including the dark magician girls wands and the dark magicians color scheme. The Kaiba version boasts a silver style watch design in stainless steel and a satin metallic blue dial. The top gets its own Seto Kaiba display box and a kaiba corporation logo along the 12 o’clock position.

The lower subdial on the Kaiba version is the coveted Blue Eyes White dragon that can be found along the lower part of the subdial. This is the first partnership of its kind from Yu-Gi-oh! The watch design are going to be released on the Seiko watch collection and it will be limited in each edition to 300 pieces. As this is the first time Seiko has partnered with the brand and as this will be a very popular style of collector watch for those that are fans of the trading card game, this is set to be a very impactful design for many collectors.

If you are seeking a fun and unique collector watch with a relatively low cost for a buy in, this could be a great option as it can be acquired for around $350 USD in each of the editions. Check for this watch on release for the holidays and pick it up if you know anyone that is a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh on your list!

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