The Full Metal G Shock GMW B5000 MB

April 25, 2022 at 10:03 pm

G-Shock is releasing an astounding new version of the full metal GSHOCK watch. The first full metal G-Shock was launched in 2018 starting with the stainless steel GMW-B5000D. The latest version is the GMW 5000MB which is built in a two-tone model. The base is a matte textured black case with a bracelet done in bezeled silver. The design is based on the ORIGIN resin model with upgraded metal finishing.

The steel version has long been a popular choice for fans of the G-Shock watch. The new two tone and monochrome versions from Casio are a deeper and glossier look than resin versions of the watch and they have a luxury texture to them. Whether collectors are interested in the two-tone flash or they would like a design that is a matte color for minimalism, these are watches that create a luxury appeal and go with any outfit.

The full metal version of the G-Shock isn’t overly flashy. It is a watch with a calming appeal and with a beautiful texture. The surface of these watches is IP coated delivering a better polish and dust proofing than previous versions of the full metal watch. The IP coating will keep the stainless in better condition and prevent scuffing on the watch over time.

Casio has looked at their design and made numerous improvements and the polished metal brings a new dimension to the look of this watch design. Whether you need a daily wear watch or you are looking for a reasonably priced collectors staple digital watch, this is an excellent choice that will remain collectable for a number of years.

G-Shock watches do very well for a reasonably priced collectors watch and with a number of custom G-Shock designs with diamond modifications and more, it is only a matter of time before we see the luxury version of the GMW coming out soon.

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