Affordable Seiko 5 SKX Sports Style GMT Watch Set to Be Released

June 15, 2022 at 11:05 pm

Seiko just put out one of the world’s most affordable automatic GMT watches ever created. Seiko is building a new automatic GMT watch with a revolutionary price point. When we take a look at the top specs and looks for this type of watch, we often consider a sports watch collection that comes with many limited editions and expensive price points. An automatic GMT divers watch could cost thousands of dollars to the average person. This watch began in 2019 with the modern Seiko 5 sports collection. The brand has since continued to include the basic dive style watch as well as a series of GMT designs that would change up the style and shape of the watch.

The 4th hand display on the watch is often what drives the pricepoint up. This feature will allow the user to display a second time zone and this is why the automatic GMT watch can often command the higher price.

GMT watches are not a budget friendly design but the new movement that is offered on this watch offers the best in caseback and design to suit the average user. The angles on this watch as well as the budget movement make it a style that can be incredibly intuitive to use. The Crowns in the second position will adjust the GMT and when this moved in a different direction will change the date.

There are many fans of the dive style Seiko 5 sports watches and the new GMTs use a basic design with a 42.5 mm wide base and a 100 m water resistance. The 24 hour markings as well as the Cyclops magnifier also make this a watch that is super easy to read. The jubilee style bracelet also compliments the style here very well. This is a classy and highly affordable watch at an amazing price point of $475. A quartz timex might cost around $250 so the upgrade to this type of watch could be well worth it for a collector seeking a daily wear model.

GMT watches are some of the most popular timepieces today because they have an excellent level of movement. Most watches featuring mechanical movement were previously unavailable for under $1000. Seiko has proven to manufacturers that a new pricepoint is possible for this type of movement, making it an easier option for many collectors to finally own.

There are going to be three select models of this watch released including the black dial style, blue dial and orange dial. All of these will fall within the same range. If you want to just get the look without all of the GMT features, you can get the same model with many of the visual features at a $300 price point. This is an amazing way that you can get the entry level look without having to break the bank.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these watches, be sure to check the Seiko website today.

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