Casio Japan Debuts Sailor Moon Sports Watch

July 30, 2022 at 1:06 am

Calling all anime fans, Casio has an official collectors item that is made for you. The new Baby G casual is a transformation from Casio Japan featuring Sailor moon. The Pretty guardian edition Sailor Moon baby G is made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of sailor moon and it includes a collab of new goods including a sporty watch that has a moon prism power transformation. The navy watch is made out of an impact resistant material and it includes a number of touches including an alarm, calendar, time display for up to 48 cities and a beautiful motif of a night sky.

The watch is completed in a blue to dark black motif and with gold etchings along the main watch face. It is a combination digital and analog watch like many of the other baby G watches created before. The pattern includes moons, hearts, starts and the transformation of Sailor Moon along the watch face. The impressive band as well as the beautiful logo along the middle of the watch design is going to be a true hit amongst fans of the anime.

What makes the watch even more collectable is the collectible tin and box that is emblazoned with the inspired pattern and the silhouette. These are amazing for storing this watch or other watches. They are beautiful boxes and the perfect accessories for fans of Casio.

The sailor moon logo along the center is a dead giveaway if you were interested in changing out the band on this watch as well. Opting for a silver watch band or choosing a light gold watch band could create a more subtle look and remove the band which includes symbols from the show.

Subtle marks along the inside of the band feature star constellations which give this watch an even more worldly anime feel to it. The digital display matches well with the beautiful interior dials and the watch keeps a good movement with easy adjustments.

This is an edition that is only available from the Casio Japan store so it is not something that you can expect to find outside of the convention floor anytime soon. All the same, this is quite a reasonable G shock to pick up if you are interested in finding it for your collection. It is likely you may need a hook-up in japan to get the watch in North America however.

Anime collaborations like this one are always popular watches amongst collectors so it is important for you to grab one of these before its too late. The Casio will be an excellent gift for fans of the show or for anyone interested in outfitting their collection with a beautiful special edition of the sporty sailor moon watch.

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