Looking at the History of Longines High Precision Watches

October 21, 2021 at 10:55 pm

Longines is a company that has been built on precision. The entire division of their watch sales have focused on a high frequency movement and on a level of high beat precision. High precision is often something that would be taken for granted in many luxury watches today but mechanical watches of the future are the type of device that is built with an unprecedented level of performance. The industrial production of these watches now numbers in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but they are able to build a precision movement that is unmatched.

Longines has been producing their precision watches in Swiss timekeeping since the year 1914 where they started in stopwatches. The 36000 vph movements were sought after for their use in Olympic timekeeping and by the 1930’s the competitiveness that was found in many athletic events required a watch that could time within a tenth of a second.

Timekeeping from Longines 1939 watches offer an instantaneous movement with a minute recorder jumping at 30 second intervals. Longines would incorporate this technology into their wristwatches a few decades later with the 1967 Ultra Chron. These were watches with 36000 VPH movement and it would not be matched until 1969. Watches with quartz became a popular solution for high accuracy but the Ultra-Chrons line became a pioneer. Ultra Chron watches were available in the 1970s for just $120 to start. The mechanical watch would give way to quartz movement because of its accuracy as well as affordability.

The treatments in modern mechanical and quartz watches from Longines carry on this high precision history. Enthusiasts in 2020 can find a variety of watches from this luxury watch maker that includes anti shock casing, thin balance pivots and treatments that leave them elegant for any wrist size or shape. The Longines watch has a strong support and a well-deserved title as king of accuracy in the luxury watch market.

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