Novak Djokovic’s Blue Ceramic Hublot Watch Also Shines After Winning Wimbledon

July 22, 2022 at 1:20 am

Hublot has made a very successful signing with the help of Novak Djokovic. The partnership that they made earlier in the year now adds a grand slam to its success. Djokovic took home his first grand slam title with Hublot as a sponsor and winning the sports oldest tournament.

Djokovic is no stranger to winning at Wimbledon with 6 other titles to his name. With his Big Bang Meca 10 Ceramic Blue Hublot on his wrist however, this is a first. He raised the trophy along with his beautiful swiss watch after a four set victory over Nick Kyrgios. Djokovic is unstoppable and although it is his first since signing with Hublot last August, it is likely he will have several other grand slams in his future.

The Big Bang Meca 10

The Big Bang Meca 10 is a timepiece built for a champion like Djokovic. It comes with a 45 mm case and a microblasted and polished blue ceramic done with matching bezel. The Material is very difficult to coat with color and Hublot have done a masterful job in creating the perfect look here. The patented method offers a vibrant hue and a perfect blue tint.

To match the beautiful blue outside color is the sapphire crystal watch face. The skeletonized dial can be seen through the pristine look of the watch and the movement is truly showcased here. The second on the subdial at 9 o clock and the cog wheel power reserve at 6 o’clock add new features to the watch that give it added luxury and longevity.

The blue and black structured rubber strap does not clash with the look of the watch and the back buckle clasp which is made of titanium and ceramic. The watch is powered by a strong manufactured caliber and manual winding movement. There are power reserves to power the watch for up to 10 days. The water resistance lasts for up to 100 meters and you can use the watch anywhere. As a true sport luxury watch this is a piece that is sure to become a collectors item in the future.

The Big Bang is sure to be seen following every major victory. This will likely be the last time that we see it hoisted this year however as Djokovic will be out of competition for the US open next month. All players in the US open must be vaccinated for covid 19 and Djokovic has made it extremely clear he will not get a vaccination. We will likely see him in the next tournament coming in January.

If you are interested in this timepiece or other Hublot watches, be sure to head over to their website to pick one up today. To get your hands on the same version of the Big Bang that Djokovic wears, you will need $24,100.

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