Retro Casio Adventure Watch Made from Beans

July 1, 2022 at 11:03 pm

Beans are a popular choice for many athletes to fuel up and get a healthy supply of iron but what you wouldn’t expect to do with beans is wear them on your wrist. The latest Casio is taking sustainability to the next level by leveraging a biomass plastic made from beans.

The Pro Trek PRW 3400 is an outdoor adventure watch that is coming out in July. It comes with a dual LCD screen and a series of navigation tools. It is built with the goal in mind of creating a strong adventure watch that can give someone in the field whatever they need to navigate, track their activity and more.

The G Central Casio fan blog was the first to cover the development of this watch. With a similar style to previous pro trek models, this is a watch with an embedded layer which is deeper and more durable than their standard digital watch. The upper layer LCD comes with an altimeter and barometer as well as a thermometer, compass and displayed sunrise and sunset time. For a regular outdoors enthusiast, all the relevant information they need for a day outside can be on their wrist.

The compass direction can be displayed in real time across the round screen the direction markers rotate along the bezel. Although it won’t offer directions like some of the latest Garmin watches or advanced smart watches, it can provide the tools you need to read a physical map and it does not take much battery power.

The Pro Trek 3400 has a battery that consistently recharges through a solar charge technology. This makes it the ultimate survivalists watch. If you are stuck out in the wilderness, you can set up the solar charge to help get you home and use the compass technology for easy directions. The multi band 6 auto radio time adjustments ensure that sunlight timing is accurate at any time of year. It also comes with a full LED light for easy elimination and a 100 meter water resistance.

It is of course the biomass plastic that sets this product apart from other Casio models. The urethane band and the case back are made out of this material. The plastic oils are made from corn and castor bean seeds. Unlike petroleum based plastic this is a more environmentally friendly option.

The watch is set to launch in July priced at $320 and it will be available in a black and brown style. The Pro Trek models will be making their way to the US market later in the year. Even though it is priced at what some of the entry level smart watches are at today, survivalists are favouring this model. Because there is no notification access, internet or GPS it has an amazing battery life. It has a beautiful vintage digital watch style with many modern tools. It comes with the sustainability element for eco friendly credibility and it has all the tools you need to make sure you don’t get lost on a hike or camping trip.

Check out this watch in your local market towards the end of this year.

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