The Iconic Appeal of the Cartier Tank Watch

September 17, 2021 at 10:06 pm

The Cartier Tank watch has been an Icon for the last 100 years. Whether you are a regular at watch auctions and some of the most esteemed collector vendors in the world, or looking for your first collectors watch purchase, these timepieces have a mass appeal.

The Cartier Tank is relatively cheap for a collectors luxury watch. The newest versions can be picked up for quite a reasonable sum, or you can seek out some of the esteemed 1970’s vintage models. These models brought the watch into the limelight with them spotted on famous wrists like Mohammad Ali. Cartier has an outstanding back catalogue of watches but the tank just keeps appearing in the public eye.

Some of the original 1920’s tank watches are now some of the most sought after pieces in the world. The roar of the Jazz age made this a must have timepiece and since the replacement of the pocket watch, the Cartier Tank has been a favoured option for the stars.

From the original art deco style, we see an evolution. The latest Cartier watch has had its dials replaced, has improved movement and a battery that is one of the longest lasting in the industry. Cartier is claiming 16 years as a battery life for its latest watches meaning you could buy one today and not have it serviced until 2037.

The latest version of the Tank comes in 3 strap colors from blue, green and black and all three are made out of a non animal leather. The watch comes in sizes 33.7mm and 29.5mm. The roman numerals are the face style on the latest version with the 7 o clock hidden Cartier logo.

You can own a brand new version of the tank, a watch that has been an Icon for the last 100 years for just over £2100. Pick it up at the Cartier store and enjoy a luxury watch you can wear anywhere, for your lifetime.

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