TAG Heuer Beverly Hills, CA

TAG Heuer in Beverly Hills

With a global brand that continues to captivate and attract a wide following, TAG Heuer simply fascinates with their elegant and advanced designs. The history of this brand started with Edouard Heuer, a watchmaker who founded the brand in 1860, known as just ‘Heuer’ at the time. The business grew and eventually, his Jules-Edouard became part of the business in 1887. It was in this year that the brand received a patent for the oscillating pinion mechanism.

The Expansion of TAG Heuer

Like his father, Jules-Edouard carried his passion for developing watches into growing the family’s business. During the next few decades, Heuer secured an additional, an important selection of patents. The watchmaker eventually began developing watch innovations such as the Micrograph in 1916, and chronographs for pilots in the 1930s.

In 1985, Heuer was acquired by Techniques d’Avange Garde, which transformed the name from Heuer to TAG Heuer. With this new title, TAG Heuer continued to expand and formed important partnerships, including being the official timekeeper for Formula 1 racing. This was the beginning of a strong relationship with the automobile industry.

Tag Heuer had seen several other accomplishments in addition to their Formula 1 partnership, including:

The TAG Heuer is definitely a brand name that is distinguished and continues to innovate in the face of their Swiss rivals. With a history of achievements and watch-making excellent, the TAG Heuer name is certainly one to keep in your radar. To browse and shop the TAG Heuer collection, visit the button below:


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