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History of TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer brand is a globally well-known name for its elegantly designed watches with advanced features. But do you know how its journey began? The man behind this conglomerate is Eduoard Heuer, who founded the brand back in 1860, when it just Heuer. His son Jules-Eduoard joined the business in 1887, the same year when they received a patent for an oscillating pinion mechanism.

How Heuer became TAG Heuer

Jules-Eduoard did a fine job of carrying forward his father’s legacy. The next few decades were important as the company secured a lot of important patents. The Micrograph was released in 1916, which was the most accurate stopwatch back then. In the 1930’s, they began producing chronographs specially designed for pilots.

Fast forwarding to 1985, the company was acquired by a group called Techniques d’Avant Garde, after which the name was changed to TAG Heuer. Under the new leadership and name, they continued to uphold the Heuer’s original values. 1992 was a major turning point was they became the official timekeeper for Formula 1 racing, thus solidifying their longstanding relationship with the automobile industry.

Historical Trivia about TAG Heuer

Fascinating history, innovative style and classic design is what makes TAG Heuer stand out among the rest!

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