Comparing MoonSwatch and Omega Moonwatch Prices

December 12, 2022 at 7:45 pm

MoonSwatch is the highest-profile release the watch business has seen in a century. As the MoonSwatch craze has shifted and evolved over the last eight months, it’s become more evident how the young MoonSwatch has influenced its big brother, an enthusiast staple with a starting retail price of $6,000 and considered an absolute pillar of watch collecting.

Swatch and Omega are part of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaking company, along with 15 other watch brands ranging from full-fledged luxury to mass-market heavyweights. Even though Swatch is the name on the tin, Omega is the most important individual company within the conglomerate.

Omega is one of Switzerland’s most ambitious and large-scale watchmakers. Over the last three decades, there has been a series of victories and growth, ranging from the highly technical (such as industrializing the co-axial escapement and assisting in the establishment of the METAS Master Chronometer certification) to cultural milestones (including its partnerships with the James Bond franchise and continuing as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics). Omega created entirely new movements, models, and collections and even built one of the most extensive brand boutique networks of any watchmaker working today.

The MoonSwatch, on the other hand, took the aesthetic of Omega’s flagship product and made it available at a price point that almost everyone who was interested could afford. The MoonSwatch did not depress, degrade, debase, or harm the Moonwatch in any way. The Swatch collaboration has only heightened interest in Omega’s signature product.

The performance of both the MoonSwatch and the Moonwatch must have contributed significantly to that growth. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, Swatch could sell half a million individual MoonSwatch watches before the end of 2022, generating a potential gross revenue of close to CHF 130 million.

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