New Frogman 30th Anniversary Dive Watch to be Launched by Casio

November 15, 2022 at 12:54 am

A dive watch is necessary for any diver or aspiring diver. A dive watch is just a watch but a watch with great features that enable the watch to withstand the intense pressure of water experienced by divers. Casio is a leading company in the production of watches, and its dive watches are stylish and quite effective in their function. The G-shock models offered by Casio provide the best options for dive watches that can withhold water for up to 200meters.

As Casio marks the 30th Anniversary of its Frogman Collection of dive watches, it will also unveil a new item in its exclusive list; The G-Shock Frogman GW8230B-9A. This dive watch will have the same material and functionality as other dive watches made before it, and it will also have some additional features that will make it stand out. The new Casio G-Shock Frogman dive watch will have a more compact build with a thickness of 18mm ad 50.3mm in diameter. Another unique feature of the Casio G-Shock Frogman dive watch is that it uses eco-friendly plastic to make its strap and bezel. The dive watch had a black and gold profile that makes it more appealing to the eye.

Another exciting aspect of the Casio G-Shock Frogman dive watch is that it has a digital display and it utilizes solar power. When in the dark, the dive watch has an LED backlight that lightens up the display. The light reveals the signature diving frog image for the Frogman lineup. The diving frog image is also found on the back of the watch. The dive watch can also track the moon data and the tide on top of the other fantastic features.

The Casio G-Shock Frogman has been proven to be a reliable set of watches for divers. This profile also goes for the new model GW8230B-9A (also GW8230B) which seeks to intensify the experience and create more value for the divers.

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