Special G-Shock Watch to Launch with John Mayer Partnership

January 10, 2023 at 1:53 am

Are you looking for a G-shock watch? Do you want to find out about the recent G-shock watch model? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down.

Here is everything you need to know about the special G-Shock watch to launch with the Casio and John Mayer partnership:

Some of you might already know John Mayer as the music maestro who is not only talented but also a heartthrob due to his good looks. However, what you might not know is that he is fond of the G-shock watches and is rightfully teaming up for a special launch of the watch. It is not his first partnership with the brand though. This is the third time that he is partnering with G-shock, called the trilogy for the powder blue 6900-PT1.

This is not just any brand and celebrity collaboration. Mayer has been partnering with the G-shock label due to the keyboards that they had created. So, it is important for fans to not forget that Casio makes other musical instruments as well and not just keyboards. Not just musical instruments, but the brand is also popular for making calculators and other medical devices. The special G-shock watch, however, is specially designed based on a keyboard from the 80s.

The base of the G-shock watch is of the 6900 model like the previous two in the series. This series is also known for its funky outlook, almost similar to the iconic 5600 series. Along with the powder blue color, the case of the watch is given a peachy pink shade and a coral highlight to add a colorful yet thoughtful touch to the overall look of the G-shock.

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