Retro-Fun Casio Watches to Add to the Collection

December 27, 2022 at 7:15 pm

Having two, three, or even more watches in the closet is every watch lover’s dream. You know, you have one for date night, another for work, and yet another for a drink with a friend. The problem comes when choosing which watch is better for a particular occasion. Well, worry no more, because in this article am going to enlist five retro fun Casio watches to stock your collection affordably. The following are some of the best watches to have in your collection.

Casio A171WE-1A

This watch is a chrome-plated resin with a rare feature among all the digital Casio watches. The watch is round with a rectangular screen, creating an epic retro charm despite the modern design. has a market value of $36 and is therefore quite affordable.

Casio AQ800E-7A

Do you want to stay analog and still look digital? This is the perfect collabo for you. This watch has both digital and analog display, accompanied by a dial pattern based on graphing paper. At only $56, this Casio watch is unique and incredibly fun.

Casio Data Bank CA53W-1

Mathematical calculations have never been easier with a watch. This resin watch is still as cool today as it was in fifth grade. It is available in a new version and several colors for the reasonable price of $30.

Casio A700WEM-7AEF

The A700WEM-7AEF is remarkably thin at just 6 mm thick, increasing its portability. This watch has continuously evolved into this splendidly retro-looking angular design. This chrome-plated resin watch is available for $59 USD.

Casio World Time AE1200WH-1A

This is an extravagant watch that not even your crush can resist. The World Time is a digital beater that everyone admires. It comes in various variations to suit everyone’s taste. This resin type watch is affordable and only retails at $24 with a diameter of 42.1mm.

The fact that these watches have vintage designs should give you an extra desire to get them. Consider yourself at a party where everyone is wearing a modern watch and you are the only one wearing a retro Casio from the 1980s with a modernized design. Isn’t that awesome? Go stock up your watch collection with these anime-envisioned watches.

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